This is how (Y-14) ended

Year number fourteen was quite the outstanding one, not only did I hit every single one of my milestone, but also had the good fortune to decrease, just a little bit, the minimal total for the upcoming 9 years.

My total was 65,799 of the 64,942 pages projected to achieve. For year 15, I plan to keep the same amount of pages as my goal, in the subsequent years, as long as the total surpass my projections, there will be an adjustment of said total, probably around year 17.

On my the 52 books in 52 weeks, I more than pleased to say that my total were 58 books, as listed below.

My total of items was 324, distributed as followed:

  • Books : 58
  • Comics: 79
  • Graphic Novels: 187

My reading was pretty much as projected, expect from the months of August to October of 2021, in which my pace dropped dramatically, but with months like April of 2022, being the best of the whole year with a total 7,894 pages, helped me pick-up the slack.

In all, it was my most successful year, not only as you can see reflected in the results, but in what this result reignited, the future is indeed, bright.

Off to read.


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