Numbers: March 28,2022

Once again, welcome to a Magic Monday that’s actually on a Monday (I’m digging this streak), the final one of the month of March, and once again it was quite the amazing week of reading.

My challenge of 52 books in 52 weeks challenge is still way ahead of schedule, starting week number 41 with two books finished is just the way to reach my goals. So, The Children of Húrin is book number 46 and La búsqueda del asesino is book number 47. This week, at least how I intend to proceed, is to read the first book of F.G. Haghenbeck´s world involving Elvis Infante, infamous exorcist and demon dealer, this novel is the basis of Netflix series Diablero, which, if you haven’t seen it, you can binge the two available seasons, it will not disappoint. The second book on my queue is the first collection of novels of the famous Black Company, series penned by Glen Cook, and one that I have been putting off for quite some time.

The one short story a day challenge is till on hold, working on the collection of infamous puritan swordsman Solomon Kane, as I said last time created by Robert E. Howard famous for creating Conan The Barbarian, the illustrations by Gary Gianni are simply beautiful. But with other pressing matters, I just couldn’t get back on that particular challenge.

Now let’s talk about MY NUMBERS, the current total is 49,818 of the 64,952 pages of this year’s goal, that’s a very decent 1,537 registered pages more than last update. Still struggling to reach the next step, 50,000 pages, I’m glad to say that there’s only 182 pages left to reach this coveted milestone.Now my focus is more concern of the 15,124 pages left to reach this year’s ambitious goal.

But the best news of the week is that I crossed the 400,000-page threshold, it took me 4,919 days to get here, what comes next? 99,605 pages to reach the first half-million.

The end of the year projection of total pages had a small surge ,currently is at 61,808 pages, 451 pages more than the last update. My reading schedule is still 15 days behind,that’s a two days less than the last update, I’m a happy camper.

I keep on sticking to my mantra, one step at a time, one page at a time.

I start week 41 with a deficit of 3,394 pages, and a total 4,640 pages to get back to balance, this week I came short by 215 pages. The total for the month of March, for which the projected goal is 5,518 pages, is now 6,037 representing 109%, with only 4 days left on the month, let’s see how much more I can chip-away from those red number, which still are 3,346 pages to get back in balance for the whole year.

For the first 500,000 pages, I have only 99,605 pages left, and the new date of reaching that goal is August 2, 2025, that’s 15 days earlier than the last projection, my sights are still pointed at March 20, 2023 as the desired date to reach the first half of the challenge, 358 intense days of reading.The gap narrowed from 882 to 867 days behind schedule.

The second part of the journey, or the other 500,000 pages, my weekly pages needed are now 1,639 with a daily average of 234 pages, a two page a day drop from the last projection.

Now for the golden prize of 1,000,000 pages, to my delight, the projections puts it 7,365 days away, a 37 day gain from the last projection, making the end date is May 27, 2042, that’s 4,009 days after the original plan, 30 days less that the last projection. This forward momentum in time gain is becoming the standard, the goal is to at least a month of time with each week. I have to keep reminding myself that my coveted end date is in the middle 2031, not somewhere in 2042.

To summary the numbers from my Journey Back.

  • Pages to reach 500,000: 99,605 pages
  • Days to reach 1,000,000: 7,365 days
  • Days behind schedule: 4,009 days

Now back to work on the 50,000-page milestone, and hitting my very neglected daily, weekly, and monthly goals.

Off to read.


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