The state of things, or, how I still haven´t reach 50,000 pages

Right now my total for year fourteen is 47,183. That’s 2,817 pages left to get me over that really important milestone.

Fortunately; this is a long weekend and with a little effort and massive amounts of caffeine, by Monday Morning, I’ll be raising a proverbial toast to the joyous occasion, in what form, that’s still being discussed.

There’s a particular focus on finishing La búsqueda del asesino, currently on page 469 of 829, so I can start with renew strength to tackle Tolkien Reading Day, and if all goes as plan, reading The Children of Húrin in it’s entirety.

In this what is left of the list that I concocted to get me over the total.

  1. La búsqueda del asesino (currently reading)
  2. Shaman King Vol.9
  3. Shaman King Vol.10
  4. Absolute Sandman Overture (currently reading)
  5. Batman:Dark Victory
  6. Vinland Saga Vol.1 (currently reading)
  7. Eternals: Cosmic Origin
  8. Wasteland Vol.2
  9. Wasteland Vol.3
  10. Wasteland Vol.4
  11. Wasteland Vol.5
  12. Wasteland Vol.6
  13. Wasteland Vol.7

Off to read.


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