That didn’t turn out as expected

My grandiose plan didn’t turn out quite as I expected. My total for yesterday was 247 pages, not quite the 580 to get my total left for the month of February under 1,000 pages.

Some positive news is that the short story collection, The Crow: Shattered Lives & Broken Dreams, is on my read pile. Today a new book takes its place, Criaturas Fantásticas, a compilation a stories by non other that Neil Gaiman himself, which includes a story penned by Neil.

For today’s reading, and the first tale of the book, Gahan Wilson’s story named only with a heartbeat line, really Prince like.

Hopefully, I’ll also start a new book today, with Nicholas Eames’ Rosa La Sanguinaria only having 43 pages left, the next book on the queue is Robin Hobb’s Royal Assassin, the second volume of the Farseer Trilogy,

Lots to achieve today.

Off to read.


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