40,000-page watch (February 3, 2022)

I’m edging ever closer to my next milestone, 40,000 pages

Today starts with a total of 38,830 pages, that leaves 1,170 pages to reach, a very obtainable goal for this week’s reading.

Fortunately, we woke up to a little bit of snow, and that means that it’s a day to stay under the cover, drinking copious amounts of coffee, and of course some long reading sessions. I have some interesting things to read, Shaman King Vol. 1,Attack on Titan Vol. 2, and Bloodborne Vol.1, all of them from my Kindle Unlimited subscription. Also, I’ll try to make some headway with Reyes de la tierra salvaje, currently on page 202 of 528.

For my daily on-going challenge, one short story a day, I just finished reading today’s entry from The Crow: Shattered Lives & Broken Dreams, a poem, Joy Divided by Douglas E. Winter, and Triad by Janny Wurts, marking a 27 day streak.

Off to read.


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