2 days

This is it, the final stretch of the year, and how things progressed up until now, well, I’ll tell you, pretty good.

For the “end of the year reading marathon”, there’s still a little under 89 hours to go, I would have like to at least average 2 hours per day for the final 60 days, but 90 hours is no small chunk of change, plus whatever this few days left bring me clockwise.

In the 10,000-page December, I still have 5,506 pages to go, at this point my aim is to reach the minimal amount projected for December, 5,518 pages, and see if I can knock down some of the surplus pages from passed months.

Now to finish Star Wars: Dark Nest, and a few comic books that I picked up today, not Star Wars related, but will keep that to ourselves.

Off to read.


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