12 days

Yesterday was an amazing one for my reading, I sum up 541 pages, and finish three graphic novels, Berserk Desencadenado by the amazingly talented Jeff Lemire, Conan: La batalla de la corona serpiente, the Cimmerian crosses over to the Marvel Universe, and Ghost in the Shell Vol. 2, pretty fun, but not as good as its predecessor.

There’s still 7,073 pages left on my 10,000-page December, and just little under 114 hours of “end of the year reading marathon”.

With just 13 days to go on the year, this will be down to the wire, but as with all things in life, just have to jump into the river and see where the flow takes you.

I’ll try to finish Anne Rice’s Servant of the Bones, currently on page 188 of 387, three single issues from the current Conan run (see pictures below), and whatever else the day presents.

Now for my next choice of the upcoming Star Wars days, I’m torn between three books, The Dark Nest trilogy, which is now part of the Legends or non-canon Star Wars Stories, Última oportunidad, following our favorite scoundrel in his formative years, and lastly, the beginning of the tales of the golden time of the Republic with Light of the Jedi. I’ll let the fates decide.

Off to read.


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