The plot thickens

As November starts, I find myself with some unexpected challenges in this year’s reading journey.

By now I should be around 26,000 total pages for the year, the reality of things is that my current count is 21,567, some 4,000 pages behind schedule, and as a new month begins, the projected total sums up quite the hefty sum.

The challenge, in November, is to read 9,754 pages to get back on track, I’m well aware that it is a monumental task, but now more than ever my mindset is more than ready to take on this seemingly impossible task.

And to start off things with a bang, I’ll take on what it seems like a really stupid idea, which in my mind sounds like the perfect plan to tackle the sheer amount of pages in front of me, get thru the remaining hours of my Spooktober reading marathon.

Being that sleeping is overrated, I’ll take these two remaining days to close-out my favorite time of the year in style.

Off to read.


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