2,814 pages

I start the final stretch of October with 2,814 pages left to read, this, from the 5,518 projected as the minimal total for this month. That gives around 312 daily pages to read, which is really doable, just need some focus, and large quantities of caffeine.

To keep the tradition of this time, I started reading this year’s edition of Frankenstein, a present from a couple of my dearest friends, makes this all that more special. This particular edition is from Nordica Libros, a publishing house from Spain, and its beautifully illustrated by Elena Odriozola.

Another delightful surprise is that this edition contains introductions from Mary Shelley and her husband Percy Shelley, and if I´m not mistaking, it’s the first time I read side by side.

I’ll take this days to also close the Aliens Omnibus series, currently about to start volume number 4, right after I finish the first volume of the manga Ghost in the Shell.

The only left is to make the list for the movie marathon form Halloween to Día de Muertos and I will be set, on top of the list is ParaNorman by request from my two kids, there’s also James Whale’s classic, Frankenstein, but from there everything is pretty much open territory.

Now to tackle those pages.

Off to read.


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