9 down, 43 to go

As part of getting this week’s reading back on track, I just finished the ninth book of the year, Dune: The Butlerian Jihad.

The events depicted in this book happened 10,000 years before the original series by Frank Herbert, there’s an conflict between the sentient machines and the league of human planets.

Some of the coolest things in the story is the introduction of the League of the Nobles, the first glimpse into the famous houses we see later in the story,not to spoil anything, but the shock of seeing the origin of House Atreides still is roaming in my mind.

Also, the first hints of the use of Spice, with just a bit of the nomadic people of Arrakis, riding sandworms and all.

And lastly, the thinking machines from the ubiquitous Omnius, to the brutal Erasmus, and the war hungry Titans, knowed as cymeks which are humans minds transplanted to robotic bodies, the panoply of characters are the perfect menacing force.

To continue with this amazing series, written by the son of the late Frank Herbert, Brian, and Kevin J. Anderson, the author of the Saga of the Seven Suns, I’ll read thr next short story in the timeline, The Whipping Mek, published in the companion book The Road to Dune.

And then the next of the trilogy, Dune: The Machine Crusade.

And to make this weekend more interesting, and get back on track with my reading schedule, my task is to read at least 354 pages each day, this morning started with a good pace, 44 pages, let’s keep it up.

Off to read.


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