Numbers: July 26, 2021

Is it Monday again? This last few weeks have been passing me really quickly, fortunately, this has not affected my reading progress.

For the third week in a row my reading has come out in green number, this has giving me a positive balance of pages, 952 to be precise, this. Once again I finished my weekly book early, this week’s book was the final chapter of the Saga of the Seven Suns, The Ashes of Worlds, which I posted earlier how this amazing saga finish. Today I should start the eight book of the year, Exhalación by the four time Hugo award winner Ted Chiang, as with the previous books of this year of reading, trying to make it a tradition, I am well under way with its reading, currently on page 239 of 345, not a bad way to start the week.

Now let’s get down to business, my current total is 9,704 of the 64,952 pages of this year’s goal, that’s 1,184 more than last week, it’s a bit under the 1,246 pages projected for each week, but this are registered pages not net pages, you can find a quick explanation about this concepts here, still the long term focus is to make the last five years a little bit more accessible, having a minimal total under 50,000 pages for each year.

For the passed two weeks I have been making a mistake when it came to my projection for the total at the end of the year . Last week was at 63,999 pages, but that was only the pages I could potentially read from that point, the real total that I already have wasn’t being sum-up to this quantity, correcting this little mistake my projected total jumped to 71,033 total pages, that’s almost 7,000 pages over my goal of the year. My reading schedule stayed pretty much the same , now it is 5 days ahead , at one point in the middle of the week I was 7 days ahead, but with the weekend being full of power naps, my reading when down a little bit.

My main focus is always the broader picture, and so far this year, each and every week my numbers show the kind of momentum that was lacking from passed years .This is reflected directly on the amount of pages I have to read on the second part of my journey, specially on trying to have the average per week under 2,000 pages, right now it sits sits at 1,955 pages per week with a daily average of 279 pages, this is still a titanic endeavor, but each week the task becomes more feasible.

On the first 500,000 pages, I have only 139,719 pages left, and the new date of reaching that goal is July 13, 2026, 12 days sooner than last week, still my sights are pointed at March 20, 2023 as the desired date to reach the first half of the challenge, the magic numbers are 3,000 days to read and a daily average of 170 pages.

Now for the golden prize of 1,000,000 pages, to my delight, the projections puts it 8,301 days away, a 30 day gain from the last week, making the end date is April 17, 2044, that’s 4,700 days after the original plan, 23 days less that the last projection, this kind of gigantic leaps gives me the momentum to keep on pushing to reach that coveted goal. The goal is to each and every week bring down the end date by at least 1 month.

To summary the numbers from my Journey Back.

  • Pages to reach 500,000: 139,719 pages
  • Days to reach 1,000,000: 8,301 days
  • Days behind schedule: 4,700 days

Numbers Monday is definitely my new favorite day of the week, and to celebrate, let’s day drink.

Off to read.


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