Last volume of The Saga of the Seven Suns

As I start the last book of this fantastic saga, Ashes of Worlds, one question pops immediately into my mind, on in the hell is everything going to close-out in 512 pages?

The last book finished with some twists, seriously how did I took so long to jump into this amazing universe created by the extremely talented Kevin J. Anderson. After this book comes an compilation of short stories by multi award-winning author Ted Chiang.

Then, I’ll come back to Mr. Anderson, and is collaboration with Brian Herbert, continuing the monumental legacy of probably one of the best stories created, Dune, with the trilogy Legends of Dune, the prequel stories to the science fiction classic by Frank Herbert.

To top things, I’m not only ahead of schedule with my 52 books in 52 weeks project, but my page total for the week has been achieved, right now sits at 1,266 of the 1,246, and with the weekend ahead off me, this can only get better.

I’ll jump right into the book, there’s a long night ahead of me.

Off to read.


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