5 down, 47 to go

I just finish the fifth volume of the Saga of the Seven Suns, Of Fire and Night, and I was wondering, with only a few chapters left, how there’s still two more books.

It would seem that this clash between humanity and this elemental forces scattered thru the universe was coming to it’s climatic, and with the last paragraph, an old player comes swarming back to reclaim the universe.

Didn’t see that coming, well played Mr. Anderson, well played indeed.

And as any reader worth its salt, I prepared a fresh batch of coffee and started the sixth volume, Metal Swarm.

That throws my plans for an early bedtime out the window.

I’m really happy with my reading pace, it helps a lot to be devouring such amazing books, thanks to this I have 9 days to read 622 pages, with sights on finish the whole saga by Wednesday, but let us not get ahead of ourselves.

Off to read.


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