Lazy Sunday and the 210 pages

As with every Sunday, the day will be devoted to reading, drinking coffee, and eating ramen.

I am just 210 pages away from getting this year back on track, so my plan is to chip away at the fifth volume of the Saga of the Seven, Of Fire and Night, on page 140, and right on schedule to finish it, probably on Wednesday.

I must say, with no premeditation, this week has become the Jeff Lemire extravaganza.

I read the first two volumes of his Dark Horse series The Black Hammer, a very pulpy feeling super heroes comic book, and a special volume of one of the super villain of this amazing universe, Sherlock Frankenstein, yeah, that’s right, an unlikely combination that Mr. Lemire somehow makes it work.

The only thing I can say about this series is that how the hell it took me so long to read, especially because of the creator and it’s right in the neighborhood of one of my favorite comic book teams, the B.P.R.D.

To close out this week of reading I’ll continue with another comic book written by Jeff Lemire, The Extraordinary X-men, illustrated by the amazing Humberto Ramos.

On a side note, I recommend you to read Gideon Falls and The Underwater Welder, both by Jeff Lemire, and some of the best comic books I have read in quite awhile.

Let’s go get those pages.

Off to read.

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