Numbers: June 14,2021

The first week of this new year it’s officially done, that nervous energy it has been transformed into purpose.

Now, I almost hit both weekly goals, the first, read 1,246 pages,my total was 1,039 pages, just 207 pages shy of it, these are going to be distributed along the seven days of this new week.

The second goal, I hit it out of the park, finish the first book of the year, Hidden Empire, the first volume of the Saga of the Seven Suns, an amazing beginning to this science fiction saga.

For this week, as it will be for the next 50 weeks of this year of reading, I have two very specific goals, read this week’s book, the second volume of the Saga of Seven Suns, A Forest of Stars.

And secondly, I must read this week’s page quota, plus what was left over from last week, that will give 1,453 pages for this week.

Concerning the broader picture of my progress toward those mythical 1,000,000 pages, my next update will be on June 25, this with some pictures of my new beautiful black paged bullet journal.

Off to read.


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