Last week

The final countdown has begun, this last week of my reading is going to be fucking epic.

The goal is to reach the 25,000-page mark, that leaves me with 1,803 pages to read, which includes next Sunday an integral part of the celebration of my 40th birthday.

The game plan is pretty straightforward, finish the two books of short stories that I started a few months ago, The Coming of Conan The Cimmerian and Wizards.

The next crazy feat will be to finish three books, La última sonrisa en Sunder City by Luke Arnold, this morning I passed the halfway point and to be completely honest I don’t want it to end, odds are that I will be done with it by the end of the day. The other two are from my favorite Independent publishing house, Paraiso Perdido, Lejanos guerreros by Héctor Palacios and Réquiem por Tijuana by Néstor Robles, they have been in my radar for quite a while, I mean samurais, music, and the supernatural, how can I pass the opportunity.

And to start off this week’s festivities the right way, I’ll start with two graphic novels, Detective Comics and Dawn of X Vol. 3, and the ninth volume of the legendary Manga Berserk, I am still in shock from the departure of sensei Kentaro Miura, his creative genius will be greatly missed.

Off to read


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