4 weeks

To think that in just four weeks a lot of things will come tumbling down, including but no limited to, my 40th birthday, the end of the 13th year of reading, the start of a new year of reading, and more importantly the beginning of the final decade of my 1,000,000-page journey.

The road ahead for me is, for this year is to at least pass the 25,000-page mark, and in the long haul, organizing years of more than 60,000 pages for each one.

One of the challenges for the upcoming years is to amass the sheer amount of reading materials to have enough pages to reach the golden prize.

I should make an inventory to see how many pages I have available in my library, last time I checked there were around 100,000 eager pages waiting to be read.

I see all my future birthday gifts being books.

Off to read.


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