The force is still with me

I am entering the fourth day of my three week long Star Wars reading marathon, and if I can keep up the current pace it will be really productive.

Right now, I have read a total of 831 pages, this includes two amazing graphic novels, The Old Republic: Threat of Peace, and Star Wars-Omnibus: Emissaries & Assassins, this last volume has some adventures of Jedi Master Ki-Adi Mundi in Tatooine , where he encounters a Jedi of the ferocious Tusken Raiders.

I also made some good progress with Star Wars: Revan, currently on page 263 which is almost the halfway point, it is really fast paced adventure into the uncertain lost memories of a really powerful Sith Lord who fought his way into redemption.

I’ll try to finish by Tuesday, my plan is to read one book each week of the readathon, I’ll be looking into my TBR pile to seek my next adventure.

Off to read.

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