The end of the journey

And thus, one of the best and hardest series I have ever read, comes to an epic close.

Not to spoil anything, but the appearance of the menacing Crippled God, and all the backdoor treachery was just the perfect way to close out this fantasy masterpiece.

I still have plenty of other stories to read involving this amazing universe, some series written by Steven Erikson that I am hunting down, and The Malazan Empire series written by Ian Cameron Esslemont, which I purchased on my Kindle a while ago.

It was quite the journey, that started on October 14,2018 and finished about an hour ago, making it 932 days between book one, Gardens of Moon, and book ten, The Crippled God.

I started using the Bookly app to keep track, and I have really specific data from starting book three, Memories of Ice, unfortunately from the first two volumes I only have total pages read, but the break down goes like this.

  1. Gardens of the Moon (635 pages)
  2. Deadhouse Gates (699 pages)
  3. Memories of Ice (925 pages) (24 hours 58 minutes)
  4. House of Chains (1021 pages) (23 hours 41 minutes)
  5. Midnight Tides (624 pages) (20 hours 46 minutes)
  6. The Bonehunters (804 pages) (24 hours 7 minutes)
  7. Reaper’s Gale (1003 pages) (18 hours 55 minutes)
  8. Toll the Hounds (1269 pages) (22 hours 36 minutes)
  9. Dust of Dreams (816 pages) (12 hours 57 minutes)
  10. The Crippled God (913 pages) (25 hours 23 minutes)

This gives me a total of 8,709 pages and a reading time, from book three to ten, of 173 hours and minutes.

I will highly recommend that you read this series, a real must for any fantasy lover, after reading less intrinsic series, I have been reading fantasy for more than 20 years, and this is a vast cast of characters, races, locations, magical systems ( the warrens are my favorite part of the stories), gods, kingdoms, and all around customs, that it can easily become to much if you’re not accustom to this type of stories.

Just to close out this amazing experience, I would like to say that my favorite volume was number two, the whe sequence in Raraku, the holy desert, was just amazing, and it reverberated with me quite personally, living in a desert you can appreciate the sheer vastness and beauty of a place like that, and Mr. Erikson captured it exquisitely.

Now, to begin new journeys.

Off to read.


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