Numbers: March 15, 2021

With only 83 days left on my year of reading, the ever present phantom of my total pages to read is more and more in my mind.

As I have explained before, there are two types of pages in my progress logs, net pages, which represent all pages that I have read, even if I haven’t finish reading that particular book, for example, I am reading a bunch of short story collections, and they are registered as progress, but they are not registered in my digital files until the final page is read, which are known to this project as registered pages.

For now, I am go into to focus on how many net pages I still have left to read, there are a few things that I haven’t got the chance to registered yet, but I am fairly certain that the 15,000 page mark for this year of reading is within grasp.

So, I have still 20,907 pages to reach this year’s goal, that’s around 250 pages per day, a gargantuan task but with the upcoming readathons I believe that something amazing will transpire.

As always my philosophy is the same, one page at a time, and day by day reading will get me there.

The focus is the 6,665 pages left on my March goal, and to help along the way, I started my day with some black coffee, and The Uncanny X-men.

Off to read.


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