The beginning of a new year

Yesterday was a day to tidy up, and to start this new year the best way possible.

I wanted to start this year of my precious blog by saluting all who are kind enough to accompany me on this journey, and to share some of the numbers from 2020.

Although I say some a slight decrease of traffic from the previous year, it still was an amazing response to each and every post.

I almost hit the 2,000 mark, but this year I planned to post more often and with some new material lined up, I am sure it will be another great year of blogging.

But the most satisfying is to see that each year I reach new countries, and I am more than grateful to share these journey with such a diverse audience.

Concerning my numbers for this year of reading, I can officially say that year thirteen will not be my worst, for I have surpassed the numbers of year 4, which I had a total of 8,730 pages, and I am currently looking at a total of 8,804 pages, this, with 155 days left on my year of reading, which I have stated in passed post is going to be a bit shorter, for I am adjusting my finishing date to coincide with my birthday.

There are still 29,180 pages left on my goal of reading for this year, so with that in mind.

I am off to read.


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