The last breathes of 2020

With this bizarre year almost at its end, I plan to end it doing some of my favorite things.

To start, I’ll cook a traditional Mexican dish, at least for my family, to celebrate the end of this shit of an excuse of year we called 2020.

I’ll post some pictures of the end product.

The other two things to end this year right, firstly, is to fatten up my bookshelves for next year.

The newest arrivals from independent Mexican publishing house, Paraiso Perdido.

And my second, and honestly favorite end of year tradition, is trying some new spirit from the ever growing list of new takes on our rich tradition of beverages, for this occasion it will be a small bottle of Mezcal Arriba Juarez

This one came with some other goodies as company.

I sincerely hope that you are keeping safe and healthy, and that the upcoming year will be far better than the one we are about to leave.

For now, I am off to read, and prepare my end of year report.


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