Seven days of reading

It’s finally here, the week leading up to Christmas, and the final readathon of the year.

I found myself with somewhat of a withdrawal from not participating on the 24in48 readathon back in July, and I concocted one of my own.

It didn’t go so well, I had a lot on my mind, but this time around it will be different.

So, this is quite straightforward, I have 21 task to complete over the week, that’s 3 tasks per day.

I’ll leave to chance how I am going to tackle each day, this, with the help of a spin wheel with all the tasks.

Let’s see what the wheel has in store for Monday, the first day of reading.

  1. Read 50 pages outside
  2. Read 2 printed graphic novels
  3. Read 3 single issue comic books

The day is set, wish me luck.

For now, I am off to read.


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