The final march into Genabackis

I have decided that I going to focus on finishing The Malazan Book of the Fallen, an 10-part epic series by Canadian writer Steven Erikson.

Yesterday, I started the seventh book, Reaper’s Gale, and the plan is to keep track of the remaining four books as one long read.

With that in mind here is the length of each one starting with 1003 pages of Reaper’s Gale.

Followed by the 1,270 pages of Toll the Hounds.

The ninth book is Dust of Dreams, with a total of 816 pages.

And finally, the epic conclusion, The Crippled God, with a total of 908 pages.

Combined they give me 3,997 pages, a great challenge for this year, which consequently will be a short one , this in order to coincide the end of each one with my birthday. Concluding in 2031, with my 50th birthday.

To start off the Malazan Challenge, I have read 41 of the 3,997.

For now, I am off to read.


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