A new year begins

Today is the first official day of the thirteen year of my reading.

Last year was amazing, I finish with a total of 45,345 pages, making it my third best year.

This, over 350 different items, which include 27 books, 141 single issue comics, and 182 graphic novels.

My best month of reading was February 2020, with a total of 5,249 pages, my worst month was September 2020 with a total of 2,407 pages, making my best day March 21, 2020 with a total of 573 pages.

In my day to day reading I was averaging about 121 pages, and as you can see below , the color were more on the blue and green, totaling 202 days, with just 13 days with 0 pages read, and to my delight, 10 days with over 300 pages.

This day also marks the retirement of my dear journal, “Reginald”, that after 769 days, I have finally filled it from cover to cover.

This new year will be a short one, 236 days, this is with the intention of finishing on my birthday, and each year after that will be from June to June, until my 50th birthday, in which hopefully I will be celebrating page number 1,000,000

On this journey, I will be accompanied by a brand new journal, “Luther ” , which will be exclusive for this year.

I am really anxious to start with this new year, and tackle those 37,984 pages.

For now, I am off to read.


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