Azriel’s Infinite Bookshelf: World of Warcraft: Ala Sombra Vol. 1 & Vol.2

This two-part story, written by American author Richard A. Knaak, who is no stranger to the World of this famous videogame haven written around 9 other stories in this realm.

He weaves a compelling story filled with Dragons, orcs, elves, humans, and some new mysterious creatures that roam this fantastic world.

The story centers on the human Jorad and the Dragon Tyri, who face a new threat, the mysterious abyssal dragons, with their purpose and leadership unknown, these young creatures are ready to wreak havoc on all of Azeroth.

With famous Korean illustrator Jae-Kwan Kim at the helm of the vibrant black & white artwork, the ample menagerie of dragons just pop up out of the page.

Although this title is part of the Manga collection of World of Warcraft, it does not read as a regular manga, it is a standard comic book read, and it is perfect to get yourself into the dynamic of the artwork and storytelling found in these type of stories.

For, off I go, to find a new adventure.

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