Azriel’s Infinite Bookshelf, Hit-Girl: Hollywood

Hit-Girl written by Kevin Smith, count me in, and along for the ride is Danish illustrator Pernille Ørum, which gives this newest volume of the deadly Mindy a vibrant look that is perfect for this story.

The history is a huge wink to Kevin’s work on film, an if you are not familiar with his body of work ,you might feel left out some inside jokes, but mostly to his 2001 movie Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back, even down to the doppelganger of Hit-Girl, which is a clear homage to the character Cocknoker , hilarious played by the legendary Mark Hammill.

Now the clear enemy are the sleazy studio executives who abuse their power, a direct reference of what the MeToo movement uncover as a wide spread practice in Hollywood, and the logical M.O. of Hit-Girl’s doppelganger for taking revenge.

I am a huge fan of Kevin Smith’s work in comic books and film, and this is a volume I enjoyed as much as some of his films.

Now ,off I go, to look for my next adventure.

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