Azriel’s Infinite Bookshelf, El triunfo de la memoria.

Back in May I subscribed to a membership of my favorite Mexican Independent publishing house, Paraíso Perdido, with the pandemic ravaging thru the world it became more difficult to promote their amazing catalog so they propose a reading plan where you receive 10 books divided in three installments, El triunfo de la memoria by Abril Posas, was one of the books of the first installment.

Comprised of 11 beautiful short stories woven into a single idea, memory, from the fading memory of a favorite neighborhood bar and a very special second hand pair of Dr. Martens boots, a punk rock gig with a slight smell of fish, to Jerry Seinfeld has an Virgil like figure, this book explores deeply what it means to be, and how memory shapes our reality.

Because at the end : “la memoria es, siempre, la que triunfa.”

I encourage you to pick up this book, which is available in the Editorial Paraíso Perdido official store.

Now ,off I go, to look for my next adventure.


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