(Y-12) Quarantined days, Update 27

Change is always a good thing, it pushes you to find new ways to solve anything and everything life throws at you.

I am just about to enter a new chapter of my life, and I think it is time to take this blog up to 11. (who ever gets this reference know that you are awesome)

I will be changing the look of the blog, but more importantly, I will be creating five different sections that will cover everything that somehow gets involve in my reading process or its an intrinsic part of my day to day.

Without anyfurther ado

  1. Numbers : In this section I will talk about how my goal to read 1,000,000 pages is going, from my day to day reading to any special events like readathons.
  2. Azriel’s infinite bookshelf : In this section I will talk about what am I reading, it will not be a review of books or comics, I can’t stress this enough, it is only what I liked about what’s on my reading pile, focusing on the general plot, the creative team, and my favorite parts.
  3. Caffeine pilgrimage: If there’s anything that comes close to love of reading is my love for coffee, and in recent years there’s has been a boom of great independent coffee shops in the binational region that I live, this includes our sister city of El Paso, Texas, this section will be focused on visiting each and every one to try new flavors.
  4. The Table : As with the coffee shops, our region has seen a new wave of locally owned restaurants, taprooms, and wine bars, with some amazing regional culinary proposal, this is a perfect time to share what our beautiful desert has to offer.
  5. Itineribus : This section will talk about our getaways, if it’s exploring our region, and all its magical places, to trips to larger cities all over the place, this section will act as an travelers journals of places, food, and memories of our travels

The last three sections will take sometime to develop, let’s remember that the world is going thru some hardships, and we best stay home all of we can to slow the process down.

With all of this changes also come a new logo for Lost in a million pages, along with some merchandise, stuff like t-shirts, coffee mugs, flasks, reading journals, and many more goodies.

For now, I am off to read, and to keep developing this idea, that really soon, will turn 13 years old.


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