(Y-12) Some updates

I hope everyone is keeping safe and healthy.

I have found more challenging than I thought this little project, reaching 30,000 pages in my year of reading by April 20th, with the state of things, and the massive news of people suffering all over the world, it’s kind of hard getting your head on straight.

Because I am not a health care provider, the only thing I can do to chip in is to stay home and try to avoid large crowds, and hopefully, this terrible disease will slow down.

Also, today will have been my dear mother’s birthday, she should have turned 66, I missed her dearly, but I know in my heart that she is toasting with a nice glass of red wine with my father, somewhere, in their beautiful purple desert.

With that in mind, I should try to calm down, and read some more this coming weeks.

For now, I can say that I had a fairly productive week.

My initial number, back on March 26, was 7,774 pages to go to reach my coveted goal of 30,000 pages.

This morning I still have 7,155 pages to go.

I only what to clarify that I am using net total pages, you can read an explanation in my about page.

Today’s itinerary will cover some X-men, some Dragonlance, and some new material that I found in my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

I am off to read, stay safe.





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