(Y-12) Still in one piece

It has been an emotionally rough week.

I am still coping with the loss on my dear mother, it has been exactly a month from her untimely departure, and on the heels of this, the fresh memory of my beloved father’s passing only two years earlier.

I can safely say that is has been a rough couple of years.

This has given me fuel to reignite my internal fire and go after what makes me feel whole.

But first I must mourn their passing, I must face a world without their guidance and love.

I have a lot of positive things in my life, my amazing partner in crime, with whom I have formed an amazing family, inspiring friends who push and encourage all my craziness, and of course this life-long project that gives me so much satisfaction.

I have come to realize that I haven’t permitted myself to feel angry or sad about my loss.

That time has come.

I must cry.

I must mourn.

But more importantly, I must honor what they taught me and go out and find happiness.

With that in mind, I shall go and chase those goals.

Go and chase all that knowledge hidden away in my precious books, and share that life-affirming feeling with all of you.

I’ll be back really soon, for now, I am off to read.

And to think about my mom and dad walking eternally, hand in hand, in their beautiful purple desert.





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