(Y-12) Witness Me!!

I’m on a roll!

Yesterday, I had a 300-page day.

This was thanks to two amazing graphic novels, and a couple of chapters of The New Jedi Order: Agents of Chaos II.

First off, I read the prelude stories to the amazing Mad Max: Fury Road, in this book we can see the story up until before the start of the movie, like the origin of the War Boy Nux, the obsession of Immortan Joe, the journey of Max, and the final task of the kick-ass Imperator Furiosa.

If you liked the movie, this is a must-read.


The second graphic novel was the fourth volume of the Warcraft Manga series Legends, this collection contents little stories from all over Azeroth, my favorite section was the first part of the origin tale of the mother of the legendary Orc Thrall.

Although I am not a huge gamer, the world of Warcraft has always intrigue, and all of the stories, books, and comic books, have been a very pleasant experience.


With this page registered in this year of reading, I have surpassed the 11,000-page mark, and I am also ahead 4 days on my reading schedule.

This year is shaping up to be a great year of reading.

I am off to read.


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