(Y-12) Days filled with reading

This winter break has been an amazing one.

I have passed the 3,500 pages mark, and with 5 days to go, I know the 7,130 goal will not be, but I will be close to 5,000 pages, and it will be my best month recorded since I started keeping my records.

Right now the Star Wars marathon is still in effect, just finished the third book of The New Jedi Order, a series compiled of 19 books, and I will start the fourth book, Agents of Chaos I-Hero’s Trial, and the return of captain Solo, this after tragedy struck on the first book.

Also, I am reading the adventures of an Imperial operative during the rebellion era.

And just finished Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison, in which the Dark Lord of the Sith investigates a plot to eliminate Emperor Palpatine, and has to go looking for the legendary Ghost Prison, a facility for extremely dangerous criminals that the Jedi Order secretly created.

This month has been really productive, and if my estimation is accurate, I should pass my worst year of reading, which was a little over 8,000 pages, really soon.

For now, I am off to read.


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