The final numbers of (Y-11)

The end of my eleventh year of reading has finally come.

And let me tell you it was a great success.

So let me get right into it, my final page count was 47,171.

That is 5,829 pages less than my ultimate goal of 53,000, and only 535 pages from being my best year, that was painful.

My best month was July, with a total of 6,385 pages, and November was my worst with a total of 1,846 pages.

My daily page average was 129 pages, and had only 16 days with 0 pages read, a low number, but still unacceptable.

I read 355 items, of those, 14 were books, 143 single issue comics, and 198 graphic novels.

So, what is in store for year twelve, first of all, my ultimate goal is 41,665 pages, this is in order to reach my 130,500 pages over a three year period, which gives me a daily average if 115 pages.

To start, I’ll start working on the 21 books left unread from this past year, all of the epic fantasy, and then I’ll jump into some sci-fi action.

As always, my gaze is fixed upon making this my best year or reading.

With that thought in mind.

I’m off to read, and officially start the next chapter in my crazy journey.


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