(Y-11) Back to Westeros

This morning, after 45 days, I finally finished the fourth and final book of the Neverwinter Saga, and following the lead of Drizzt, I’ll take a break of the Faerûn, only to jump into another of one of my favorite stomping grounds, Westeros.

This time I’ll go back 300 years before the events on Game of Thrones, the novel not the series, and explore the ancient history of the Targaryen family.

This is the first volume of the history of this legendary family, and it begins with the arrival of Aegon I to Westeros.

Thus it begins, a reign of Fire & Blood.


2 thoughts on “(Y-11) Back to Westeros

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  1. Yo lo tengo en Español y no supe si regresar 300 años y reiniciar todo, o terminar la saga del juego de tronos primero… cualquier recomendación es bienvenida 🙂

    1. Yo recomiendo leer lo de que hay hasta ahora de Canción de Fuego y Hielo.
      Para después leer este como un texto histórico del mundo creado por George

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