(Y-11) In desperate need of a rhythm

Yesterday was another good day of reading, my total was 164 pages, but because I haven’t had a powerful reading spurt I am still 15 days behind schedule, as you can see by my daily total, I haven’t fallen behind anymore, but I cannot get that gap to reduce.

But I know that this consistency will help me in the long run.

So, yesterday I finished the fourth volume of the fabulous X-O Manowar, Homecoming, Robert Venditti is just built to write this type of stories, and as the end of the volume hints, it is all out war for Aric.


Here is the infographic sheet from Bookly, I grow more fond of this app every day.


On the book front, I had a decent amount of headway, 21 pages, and I am currently on page 313.

Almost on the halfway point, and trying to figure out how to get on the read pile by the end of the weekend, yes, now I am not so set on Saturday, by the end of the weekend will be fine.

With yesterday’s reading my total went up to 10,773 pages for the year, the thing that gives me some comfort is that I have surpassed my worst year of reading, which was year number four with a total of 8,730 pages, by more than 2,000 pages.

And there are still 277 days to go.

Also, I struck gold yesterday while perusing on the catalog of Kindle Unlimited, in one of those insomniac trances I usually get and found several volumes of Batwoman, Swamp Thing, Preacher and many other graphic novels I have been planning to read.

So, score.

With this new find, I think the next volume to read will be the Bloodshot.

Followed by two volumes of Batwoman, written by Haden Blackman in cahoots with J.H. Williams III, who also beautifully illustrated this terrific run.

Back to it.




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