(Y-11) Let the massive eating begin (Day 24 of 31)

Today it is Christmas eve, and in Mexico, it is the main celebration of this holiday season.

And for me, that means only one thing, food.

Tonight we will have turkey and some other side dishes, it is pretty similar to Thanksgiving dinner on the US, but with a bit of a Mexican twist.

To top off the season of binge eating, I see in my really proximate future some tamales and buñuelos, I’ll post some pictures so you can get a visual delight.

Now, for the reading segment of my blog, yesterdays reading was again phenomenal, 200 pages and I finished the second volume of X-O Manowar, it is just getting better.

Also, I started reading the first volume of The Eternal Warrior series, this is just up my alley, epic sword fights and an immortal warrior, what more can I ask.


On the book front, I made little headway, currently on page 75 of 699, but I have not abandoned the idea of finishing by New Year’s Day, just have to push a bit harder.

My total for the year is 7,217 pages, and I keep a steady pace that fortunately has increased this last day, now I have 8 days left in 2018 and the goal of reaching 8,000 pages.

I’ll make the most of the morning because today it will be a day-long eating celebration.

Happy Holidays!!!!



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