(Y-11) Closing the gap (Day 21 of 31)….with a little of day’s 19 and 20.

Yesterday sleep got the best of me, and I could not post my reading progress for the day, so here it goes for two days.

First, December 19, in which the total was 232 pages.

Secondly, December 20, in which the total was 205 pages, this thanks to the first volume of my Valiant Comic Universe trek, The Harbinger, written by Joshua Dysart, was a great introduction to what it appears to be quite the ride, so, 1 down 87 to go in this vast universe.

With all this reading I have amounted 6,777 total pages for this year of reading, that is 223 pages to reach my goal for the end of December, and 3,223 pages to reach the first 10,000 pages of the year.

And on that note, and according to my preliminary calculation, today was the day marked for reaching the first 10,000 pages, I am 24 days behind, but that distance is shortening quite rapidly.

By the end of December, and with my average for this month, which is 184 pages per day, I’ll be closer to 9,000 pages and about 16 days behind, one step at a time.

The next significant milestone, and again this based on my first calculations, will be reaching 20,000 pages, which is marked for February 27, 2019, I think the readathon at the end of January will help significantly to reduce this gap.

I’ll work with this very present.

Just a moment ago, I updated my file were everything that is part of this crazy reading project is accounted for, and the total so far is 239,804 pages, just a little over 10,000 pages to reach the first 1/4 of my project.

This just motivates me to keep on pushing and trying to reach the monumental milestone, which it started over 10 years ago, with me a bit sad, sitting drinking coffee on a cold October morning and trying to find purpose and meaning.

Well let me tell you, I have found purpose, and it is comforting and reassuring that so many things have come over all these years just to enrich my reading experience and have given back my voice and draw a clear path of what I was supposed to be doing.

Now I’ll get back to enjoying my Christmas break and to keep on reading the second volume of The Malazan Book of the Fallen, Deadhouse Gates, currently on page 37 of 699.

Happy Readings !!!




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