(Y-11) Still in the flow (Day 5 of 31)

Yesterday was another great of reading, and once again, I hit the page goal.

This time the total was 173 pages, the pace is going up.

This is a great way to start my vacation period with a bang, and hopefully, I will meet my goal by the time January rolls around.

Although I am a little behind schedule, currently I have 3,287 pages, and according to my calculations I should have approximately 7,738 pages at this point of the year, this is of course to reach my coveted 53,000 pages of total reading for this year.

That puts me 32 days behind schedule.

But have no fear for this vacation period will help me shorten the distance.

Now to talk about happier things, yesterday I finished the third volume of Mark Millar’s seminal comic book series, Kick-Ass, what a beautiful, hyperviolent thrill ride this series has been.

If your only frame of reference is the movie, let me tell you, that is the light version of the story, so, go out and buy whatever you can get your hands on of this great series and get ready for a ride not fit for the weak hearted.


Also, I had a great reading session this morning of the first book of The Malazan Book of the Fallen series, The Garden of Moon, in which I currently stand on page 330 of 627. I plan to read this and the second book of the series, Deadhouse Gates, before the end of the year.

And finally, I am lining up some reading material for the weekend, this of course with the goal of gaining some lost ground and getting ever closer to achieving what I set out to do this year, in my plans of reading for the upcoming weekend I have enlisted the help of a triple threat of fun.

The latest installments, well at least recently published in Spanish, of the Legend of Zelda manga series, The Minish Cap/Phantom Hourglass, and Four Swords, volumes 4 and 5, respectively.


And to sickly top things off, the first volume of compiled debauchery in its purest form, I am of course talking about the masterpiece written by Garth Ennis and illustrated by the great Steve Dillon.


This is one of the works of the middle of the ’90s that came and reshaped what the comic book medium could be and what time of stories could be told, not just your run of the mill superheroes stories but something with more depth and to explore human nature from a different perspective.

I should enjoy re-reading this fantastic series.

The few days ahead seem to be destined to be quite thrilling, I shall inform you, tomorrow of course, of my latest shenanigans.

But for today it is back to the salt mines for me.

Happy Readings!!!


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  1. Me gusta cuando pones mas carne al asador, y nos cuentas un poco más sobre las lecturas que haces!!! A disfrutar las vacaciones!!

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