(Y-10) Let the games begin

One week, one trilogy.

I just finished The Sea of Swords, and now I’ll go all into the next trilogy in the Legend of Drizzt saga.

The Sellswords story arc is made up of The Servant of the Shard, The Promise of the Witch King and The Road of Patriarch. Some 1,200 pages of pure epicness.

I plan to read it by Wednesday and take the other two on our little trip.

With the idea unwinding and just taking it easy for a few days, I think there will be plenty of time for reading and relaxing.

Tomorrow I’ll post an update on my total page count for this year, and it’s going on my progress and expansion of my reading list.

On other news, I received a couple of really cool things in the mail.

First, a reading journal, it comes with some list, blank spaces to fill with your notes of the book in the queue, some top 100 books lists and many more things. Picture an analog Goodreads.



The Second is the latest addition to my ever-growing collection of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, this time is the illustrated edition by extremely talented Gris Grimly, a really fitting way for me to commemorate the 200th anniversary of its publication.

Just breathtaking, and this is only a glimpse because the book is indeed a jewel that belongs on any bookshelf.

These type of little gifts keep me motivated and focus on the road ahead.

Well, now back to reading, that the night is long and I am well rested.

Happy Readings!!!



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