(Y-10) back to reality

After a few days of relaxing, eating and drinking is now back to the daily grind.

But first, let me go back a few days while I was still on vacation.

The last outing of this great trip was to the magical town of Tequila, Jalisco.

As the name obviously gives it away it is the birthplace of one of Mexico’s most emblematic spirit.

The visit consistent of a tour to one of the many tequila distillers, La Cofradia,  were you firstly get acquainted with the agave plant, the basis of it all, the cooking process, the fermentation, the aging process and of course lots of sampling, including, a 55 proof tequila, pure and strait.

After a couple of hours of strolling around this gorgeous place I went to the downtown area, keep on drinking and eating. Quite the magnificent day I’ll say.

Now back to the reading part, my plans for my vacation reading was not what I expect, but who cares it was really soothing.

I manage to finish two book of the Legend of Drizzt saga and read about 1/3 of the Fall of Cthulhu graphic novel.

So this gave me the following numbers:

Total pages for (Y-10) : 5.002 pages

Total pages left for (Y-10) : 91,764 pages

Total books left for (Y-10): 46 books

I’ll get back to reading and flirting with the idea of a 100 book year.

Happy Readings!!!


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