(Y-10) 5th year anniversary on WordPress and the 2,000 pages

On this rainy desert morning, I received a notification from the good people of WordPress that today is the fifth anniversary of my blog.

What better way to celebrate, that reaching the second milestone of this tenth year of reading, 2000 pages.

This spike in my reading is mainly due to two things: I finished reading Star Wars: Aftermath, which gave me a total of 502 pages, as far as this novel goes I found all the things Star Wars should be, a little intrigue, lots of space battles and the wit of Han Solo.

The other thing was reading the first two volumes of Autumnlands.

Written by veteran comic-book creator Kurt Busiek and beautifully illustrated by Benjamin Dewey, it’s a must for all fantasy buffs.

This put me exactly at 2,066 pages of the 96,766 projected for this year. I know, a huge chunk is still left, but, one step at a time.

Right now I’m reading two books, The Lord of the Rings and Dragonlance: The Legend of Huma, the second one on my Kindle, and to be completely honest, it’s going to take a while to adjust from printed books to digital ones.

Which brings me to the announcement that, slowly but surely, I will be migrating to digital books, and only buying the ones I considered from transcendental authors.

I have been doing it with comic-books, not the smoothest of transitions but the truth of it is that I’m running out of walls in my house. I’ll give them a good new home, promise.

So, for now I’ll focus on getting my house back to normal and fashioning a new reading nook, which consequently is still missing the key component of a new under the stairs bookcase. Hopefully it will be in place by the end of the month. Pictures pending.

Reading for this week:


  • The Lord of the Rings (currently at page 141)
  • Dragonlance: the Legend of Huma (currently at page 21)

Graphics Novels

  • Ten Grand Vol. 1 and Vol. 2


Back to it.

Happy Readings!!!


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