(Y-10) First book of the year and onward…

In the early hours of this past Saturday, I suffered a classic episode of insomnia.

So I put my usual condition to good use and finally finish The Hobbit.

The first time I read was about 17 years ago, and let me tell you that, although is still an amazing book, I found it quite different.

Many things I remember, but there were passages that my mind found like they were totally new.

That is the magic of books, no matter how many time we come back to them they should us something new every time.

This particular edition was a gift from my beautiful wife and I cherish even more, on top of this, the final illustration by Alan Lee is truly breathtaking.


With the Hobbit on the bag, the next book is, naturally, The Lord of the Rings. The 50th-anniversary edition was also a gift, actually, I received them together, along with an Atlas of Middle-Earth.

These two books were my gateway to a broader world.

So, with this, my reading has picked up and I’ll try to breach the gap between the schedule I proposed for this year and where I actually am at this moment.

The total page count had a boost because this morning I finished reading Fight Club 2, if you liked the original novel, and are not really into comics, you’re going to have a hard time adjusting to reading its sequel in this format, but, give it a try it’s well worth it.


The total for (Y-10) sits at 866 pages, with the goal of reaching 1,500 by this next weekend.

Happy Readings!!!


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