(Y-9) 25 days….some late night reading and a weekend full of art.

These last 5 days were really productive in many ways.

First of all, I finally finish reading México Mutilado by Francisco Martín Moreno, and with this last year reading mark has been surpassed.

I`m currently sitting at 16,875 pages, I’ll focus on finish Jerusalem and maybe try to read Fight Club 2, a graphic novel by the way.

Also, this weekend I finally got around to visit the new art exhibition currently showing at the local museum.

Inside the museum, you can find two really different exhibitions, in the main room La Línea by Francisco Mata Rosas, which consist of a collection of photographs depicting life on the edge of two countries and the hot topic of this days, immigration and the wall.

In the other two exhibition hall, you’ll find Col-Art, a series murals that were done in collaboration by different artists, I must confess that the results are amazing.

The final exhibition was my favorite, Proyectos Impala is a gallery in a refurbish trailer container, what they have done with this tiny space is really mind-boggling.

Currently, there is an exhibition by Chilean artist Máximo Corvalán-Pincheria, which deals with the collective atrocities that the Chilean people suffered under the tyranny of a despot dictator.

I think I cannot make justice to the pieces because most of the sense of this exhibition is to experience the work at first-hand.

If you get the chance to visit it I highly recommend it.


Lots of really cool things to see and books to finish.

I’m gearing up for (Y-10) which, I solemnly swear,  is going to be my best one yet.

Happy Readings!!!


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