(Y-9) 49 days… and 200,000 pages

Finally, after 8 years 10 months and 17 days I reached the second milestone of this my crazy life project of reading my way to 1,000,000 pages.

The book that put me over the top was the Graphic Novel “Boba Fett: Man with a Mission” who happens to be my favorite character in all of the Star Wars universe.

So, officially I have read until this point 200,086 pages and have about 13 years to read 799,914.

I’m up for the challenge.

This idea first came to me, to read that ridiculous amount of pages,  in October of 2008, and I decided to keep a record of everything I read.

A couple of years later I started a very similar blog to this one, only on a different platform, which the main idea was to keep a sort of journal of my day to day life and how it revolves around my love for coffee, food, wine, and books.

For some years I stop writing on my blog/journal.

Until about 4 years ago I decided to pick it up again as a therapeutic outlet.

Many things have happened in this last 8 years, I have read some awesome books, welcome to this world, my son, and daughter,  share this crazy journey with my best friend which consequently, being the lucky bastard that I am, happens to be also my wife, suffer the sudden loss of my beloved father and many things big and small that have shaped this part of my journey.

The only thing that I have to say is Thank You, for listening to me ramble on, and hopefully, you’ll stick around for the next 800,000 pages.

Happy Reading!!!



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