(Y-9) and then….there were only 100 days left

I’m entering the final stretch of this ninth year of reading, and let me tell you it has been quite interesting.

In the reading department, well let’s say that there is a whole lot of room to grow.

I believe that when I have about 50 days to go, I’ll make an assessment of the situation for the tenth year.

Based on my projections,  and if I have the intention of reading my three-year goal, 130,500 pages, I’ll have an 85,000 + year ahead of me.

Right now I have 13,679 pages for the year and trying to finish a behemoth of a book, Apocalipsis by Stephen King.

After that, there are only two big books left to read, plus about fifteen medium size books.

A walk in the park.


Long blissful nights ahead of me.

Happy Readings!!!



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