(Y-8) 74 days

Well I couldn’t be happier with my progress for this week. I had 4 books roaming around with a very few pages to go and no apparent date to finish.

So I just said let’s take them one at a time.

The first to go down was American Gods/Anansi Boys ( B&N Leatherbound Edition), I must say that this is second time reading Anansi Boys and it’s even better than I remember.

The second one was the hilarious fifth book of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld, Sourcery, where once again Rincewind, a really inept wizzard, puts in danger the whole existence of his world. Fortunately  he has the help on a sentient piece of luggage, a boy aspiring to be a barbarian hero and the daughter of legendary barbarian hero Cohhen. As always you can’t go wrong with any book of the late great Sir Pratchett .

The third book was La Historia del Cerco de Lisboa by Nobel prize laureate José Saramago, it show us how one word can change the course of history.

The fourth and final book was a collection of short stories by the genius Mexican writer Carlos Fuentes,Cuentos Sobrenaturales, it explores a darker and far more sinister side of this prolific author. The collection closes with one of his masterpieces Aura. Highly recommended especially the first story Chac-Mool, a very mexican spin of something than will remind you to the curse of the mummy.

Right now I have started reading two really interesting book.

First a true classic, Dracula, if my memory serves me well I haven’t read it in over 20 years. When I pick up this book something really cool happen, between the pages there were a couple of leafs. One from an red oak and one from an common oak. There are keep-sakes from my first mayor Landscape Design.

The other book is The Book of Lost Tales Part One, this is a posthumous publication of tales from Middle-Earth developed by professor Tolkien as part of the ever-growing mythology of his grand saga. So far this book combines history and narrative in a pretty little package.


So here are the number for this period:

  • Total pages for  the eight year : 13,397 pages
  • Days left for the eight year: 74 days
  • Books left for the eight year: 20 books
  • Pages left to read in my goal for the eight year: 7,333 pages
  • Total pages of Lost in a million pages: 180,542 pages

Happy Readings!!! I’ll get back to my good streak


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