Day 42 of the 200 day march.

I reached some minor milestones in  this last few days. First of all I finished reading The Killing Kind by John Connolly, which is, incidentally, the first book I finish in six weeks. As usual it was really suspenseful and finish up with a bang. This book was the third installment of his famous detective character Charlie “Bird” Parker, so I have 9 more novels to go through is this amazing series.

Secondly, the first 10,000 pages of the seventh year of Lost in a Million Pages are done with, just 40,000 + pages to go. With this in mind I have put a little side challenge for this month, to reach 20,000 pages by my 34th birthday, which is June 6.

For now I’m going to focus on finishing A Storm of Swords and Before Watchmen Volume 3.

In the novel front I have been making little advances, it’s a really dense read, with an ever growing cast of characters and locations, I’m taking my sweet time reading it, as I said is like a fine wine, little sips.

In the graphic novel I’m at the part of the crimson corsair but i haven’t read it that much.

My focus is to finish A Storm of Swords by my birthday, another side challenge like the one above, and starting june until the end of the year I’m going to read as much of the Expanded Universe Star Wars Novels as I can, I don’t care about what is canon or not.

This as preparation for december 18 and the premiere of Episode VII The Force Awakens.

A quick recap :

  • Total pages for seventh year : 10,324 pages
  • Days left for the seventh year: 161 days
  • Pages left to read in my goal for the seventh year: 45,611

Those are the plans, a lot of sleepless night ahead of me.

Happy Readings


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