Day 9 of the 200 day march

Yesterday (well including also the wee hours of today) was a great progress day, two things got me glued and unavailable to get to sleep.

First of is Storm of Swords, being book number three of the epic saga of genius George R.R. Martin “A song of Ice and Fire”. I’m really enjoying this series as you’ll enjoy a fine wine, little sips and hoping it will never end.

The second one was Before the Watchmen Vol.1, which are prequels to the masterpiece by Alan Moore The Watchmen, they are great fun and where written and drawn by the industry elite, but, lack a bit of scope of the original source material. To be fair is a pretty difficult act to follow. This particular volume explores the story of the original Nite Owl and the Minutemen, the first jobs of Silk Spectre and my favorite character Rorschach narrating one of his biggest mistakes.

The day finished with 280 pages and a total of 8,611 pages for year seven.

Only 41,389 pages to go and 192 days to do it.

Happy Readings


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