The 7 months hiatus and the brewing of new projects.

The last few months have been a real whirlwind.

Between life itself and having a new member in my family, time has the tendency to evaporate.

In the reading front my progress has been decent (given the circumstances) ,but not to my complete satisfaction.

A couple of weeks back we had the opportunity to take a small road trip to the city of Casas Grandes ( about 170 miles southwest from Ciudad Juarez, my hometown) and it gave me a chance to reconnect, to unwind and refocused.

Being surrounded by the mighty desert and exploring the ruins of the majestic lost city of Paquime  with my beloved wife and my amazing kids This will always have a positive effect on my mood. And to top it off staying in a charming B & B, well that just made this that much more special.

A shot from the museum in Paquime
A shot from an interior garden in the museum of Paquime
A scale model depicting how Paquime was originally build.
An interior courtyard in the museum of Paquime.
The interior patio from the B&B “Las Guacamayas”
A shot of the rooms at the B&B “Las Guacamayas”
A shot of the interior Patio at the B&B “Las Guacamayas”

This trip got me thinking about my reading goal and the direction of this blog.

It gave me the idea of starting a couple of new sections.

The first one I’m going to call it “Ambulat” which is a derivation of a greek word that means “to walk”. It’s main purpose is creating a space to share my little road trips around my region, and eventually, here’s to hoping,around the world.

The second one I’m going to call it “200 day march”  starting on march 28 I have exactly 200 days left until the end of the seventh year of this project. The idea is to push myself and reach the gargantuan task of reading 50,000 pages. Wish me luck. This will be follow by daily progress entry.

So to catch up to speed here are some quick numbers

Total Pages : 157,323 pages

For year seven : 8,235 pages down 41,765 pages to go

Days left until the end of Lost in a Million Pages: 5,909 days

As of now I’m working on this three bad boys, pretty awesome each in their own accord.

WP_000179I have a long weekend ahead, that only can mean one thing, BINGE READING!!!!

Happy readings

It’s good to be back


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